Julian Grey

Co-founder / Director / Animator

Montréal, Canada 1967: At Expo '67 Julian tours the US Pavilion's geodesic dome He is wowed by the seamless convergence of art and design. And he likes the Lunar Lander.

Toledo, Spain 1971: Stands in front of The Garden of Earthly Delights at the Prado. Learns how to spell "Hieronymous".

London, England 1973: Returns from North Africa. Becomes youngest Knight at the Round Table. Enjoys drawing swords, castles, bloody things.

Montréal, Canada 1974: Reads Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Watches drag-racing every Saturday. Draws stranger things.

New York City 1980: Enjoys cannabis in Sheep's Meadow Central Park. Everything makes sense.

Montréal, Canada 1987: Completes three years of pre-Apple era graphic design school. Gets Letraset stuck in eye.

Montréal, Canada 1989: Studies printmaking and sculpture at Concordia University. Buys video camera. Makes art.

Toronto, Canada 1994: Draws some weird pictures for Shift Magazine. Meets Steve Angel.

Toronto, Canada 1995: Discovers animation is the way to go.

Amalfi, Italy: On holidays, has epiphany, joins up with Steve Angel to start Head Gear.